With Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) employing 70% of Singapore workforce today, the Labour Movement saw the need to assist the growing number of SME working people in Workplace Protection, Progression, Placement and Privileges. ​

Initiated in 2014 by the Labour Movement, U SME is an NTUC initiative designed to engage and support SME business leaders and HR practitioners. With U SME, we can come together to make 
  • Every SME a better SME
  • Every SME job a better job
  • Every SME worker a better worker​

Events & Training

Through U SME’s training workshops, SME business leaders and HR practitioners will always be updated with the latest employment regulations and compliance requirements. There are also U SME’s exclusive leadership and business development programmes where business leaders, policy makers and solution providers can gather to share industry best practices on productivity and connect with one another. 


Productivity Advisory Services​

The Lean Enterprise Development (LED) Scheme is open to SMEs that are interested in becoming more manpower-lean, developing a stronger Singaporean core, and building a quality workforce. 

What does the LED Scheme involve?​



Integrated Government Assistance 
Existing government schemes have been integrated to facilitated business transformation. We can help you tap relevant assistance in a coordinated manner.


Transitional Manpower Support (Optional) 
Transitional foreign manpower is availabl​​e to support the implementation of your LED projects. This will enable your operations to continue as usual while you adapt to your new business structure. The transitional foreign manpower support for each approved project is temporary and conditional on fulfillment of approved commitments. It is meant to prevent disruption to your business during restructuring.

This scheme will be piloted for 2 years, from 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2017.

If your company is interested in the LED Scheme, please email us at sme@ntuc.org.sg