1 Day SME Supervisor Workshop

The workshop is aimed at helping SMEs to develop progressive HR practices to attract, recruit and retain PMETs. Participants will learn what organizations can do to put in place structured on-boarding processes and how organisations should implement to strategies to coach, manage and develop their PMETs. Using the Performance Management toolkit, the workshop will address issues pertaining to effective leadership, how to establish regular and open communications with PMETs, as well as strategies for performance management - achieving high performance and career development.

2 Day PMET Workshop

The workshop is aimed at helping PMETs to adapt and adjust effectively to the SME environment to enable them to build long-term careers. Participants will learn about the operating environment of SMEs and the types of opportunities that they offer in terms of learning and development. The workshop will highlight ways in which PMETs can develop better understanding of self and others and be effective leaders.  The workshop will also address issues pertaining to ways in which PMETs can leverage on their skills and experience to take on challenges, manage and monitor own performance and develop action plans for their own development.‚Äč